Have you ever been in a big storm? Yes I have been in a big storm before. One time conner Evan and I where coming back from a fishing trip at the other side of the bay in my uncle Greg’s boat and we saw dark clouds so we where trying to get back before the waters where rough but we where to late. It was May so the water was still cold and we had waves crashing into the boat. All the water was making the boat go really slow. It took us about about 45 minutes to get home but once we did we all took turns in the hot shower.

chalenge 8

Activity 1

. I think a great post is a post that has lots of details and periods and capitals where they need to go also a great post should have pictures so the reader can visualize what you are talking about.

. When I am visiting blogs a big colorful picture catches my eye and I will start reading the post.

. I find great posts first by looking at there flag counter if they have one and if they have a lot of visitors then there are probably good posts on there blog

Activity 3

. A great post I have made is my post about Alabama vs. Texas A and M.

.  I think that was a great post because it and lots of details and very few mistakes. It also had very good pictures.

. Yes I am able to wright about my own interests.

. I think my interests would make my blog more interesting for people who like sports because I am interested in sports.

Activity 4

. is a great blog because it has a lot of fun widgets.

. I love this blog because he likes the Maple leafs and the blue jays just like me and he plays hockey and golf just like me.

. I like this blog because he likes fishing and hunting.


Challenge 7

Activity 3 – I think a teachers mind map would be similar to a students mind map because now in days everybody uses the same type of devices and go’s on the same kind of web sites.

Activity 5 – My digital footprint is positive. Yes I would be proud to show my digital footprint to my grand parents or my future grand children because I don’t youse the internet very much.

Activity 8 – I think the most important of the 9 elements is digital protection because if you don’t have digital protection people can steal your identity and do bad things using your name.


Evans grandparents are from Scotland. They eat haggis but Evan doesn’t like it. Evan plays rugby with his family. Evans grandparents came to Canada  3 generations ago.

Josh’s grandparents are from Italy. They eat pasta. Josh plays soccer with his family. Josh’s grandparents came 2 generations ago.

Dylan’s grandparents are from Scotland and Belgium. They eat lamb chops and Belgium chocolate. There family plays cricket with each other. Dylan’s grand parents came to Canada 3 generations ago.

Connors grandparents are from Germany. They eat schnitzel (a thin boneless cutlet of meat.) Connor plays tennis with his family. They came to Canada 3 generations ago.

Erik’s grandparents are from Denmark. They eat Danish’s. Erik plays golf with his family. Erik’s family came to Canada 2generations ago.

Kyran’s grandparents are from Canada. They eat Canadian bacon and beaver tails. Kyran plays hockey with his family.


Alabama Crimson Tide vs Texas AandM

On saturday night Johny Manziel and Texas AandM played AJ 21mccarron-blog480-1eof8xr.jpgMcarron and the number 1 seat Alabama crimson tide in a battle to the last minute. Johny football last years heisman trophy winner threw for 5 touch johnydowns but it wasn’t enugh for alabama’s explosive offence. AJ Mcarron took a knee with 40 seconds left on the clock as they put together 49 points in a 49-42 Alabama W

Alabama vs Kentucky

On Saturday October 14th the number 1 seat Alabama crimson tide played the unranked Kentucky Wild cats.The Crimson Tide scored a towering 48 points. And Alabama’s defence dominated the Wildcats offence as Kentucky scored only seven points in a Alabama 48-3 win.21mccarron-blog480-1eof8xr.jpg

Human Rights

I think that racism is a big problem in our world because African Americans in some country’s are getting hurt just because of the colour of there skin. I think that there is no difference from your skin colour. But in some country’s don’t think that. Everybody no madder what skin colour should have the same rights.Martin_Luther_King_Jr_NYWTS_4

Alabama vs Georgia state

On Saturday night the number 1 ranked Alabama played unranked Georgia state. It was a complete blowout Alabama scored 45 points to beat Georgia 45 – 3. Running back TJ Yeldon led the team with 51 rushing yards and AJ Mcarron threw for over 400 Yards to improve Alabama’s record to 5-0.